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    At La Casa our guests find privacy, tranquility, and relaxation.

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    Meet the other guests, share a meal or a story, and make new friends.

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    Learn surfing or yoga, hike the countryside, and get to know the locals.

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Balsa, Bambu, Coco, Laurel & Moyuyo

All of our rooms are private rooms with their own bathroom, a small balcony overlooking the ocean, and have access to the shared communal kitchen. Your stay includes free yoga classes.


  • 1 Person
    $260 / week
    $700 / month
  • 2 People
    $400 / week
    $850 / month

(10% will be donated to the community of Ayampe — info here.)


Penthouse Mar, Penthouse Cielo, Patio, Tagua & Aymara

All of our suites have their own private bathroom, kitchen, and small living room. Your stay includes free yoga classes.

Additionally, our two Penthouse Suites have a large balcony overlooking the ocean. Tagua Suite has a small balcony, and the Patio and Aymara Suites have their own outdoor patio and entrances. Tagua, Patio and Aymara Suites have air conditioning.

The rent from Aymara is 100% donated back to the community of Ayampe.


  • 1 Person
    $800 / month — Penthouses

    $750 / month — Other suites
  • 2 People
    $950 / month — Penthouses

    $900 / month — Other suites

(10% will be donated to the community of Ayampe — info here.)

Meet your hosts

José and Arian

Our place is your place — a place where you feel at home, even in a foreign country. This was the pillar of La Casa and our motivation to build La Casa like a home, rather than your typical hostel.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new home-away-from-home at La Casa!

Mucho gusto (nice to meet you),

— José and Arian


Nair is our live-in yoga teacher and hostel manager. Apart from making sure that you have everything you need, she will meet you on the mat and take you on a flow. Both a vinyasa and yin instructor, her practices will invite you to challenge your strength, flexibility and balance.

Nair is helpful, kind and committed to her students. If you were looking for another reason why you should visit La Casa, know that her yoga lessons are a treat!

Included in your stay

  • Basic amenities

    • Free filtered drinking water
    • Free WiFi
    • Free towels
    • Free beachfront yoga classes
    • Housekeeping once a week
    • Surf board storage
  • Included with each Room or Suite

    • Hot water showers
    • Ceiling or electric Fans
    • Mosquito nets
    • Private balcony
    • Working desk & Office chair
  • Shared living spaces

    • Communal kitchen
    • Beachfront patio
    • 2 Lounge areas with couches and hammocks
    • Coworking and office spaces
    • Book exchange
  • Additional options at La Casa

    • Surfboard rentals
    • Surf lessons
    • Spanish classes
    • Massages
    • Laundry services
    • Organize tours in Ayampe and Puerto Lopez


    Hear from some of our long-term guests what they love about La Casa and what draws them back.

    • Testimonial Sean


      — U.S.A —

      I’ve been traveling around the world for four-and-a-half years straight, and Ayampe is still one of my favorites, and I am so grateful I got to stay here at La Casa. I thought I would stay there for 2-3 months and I ended up staying 10.

      It’s one of very few places I’ve actually considered going back to live again, and I’ve been to many amazing places over the past few years.

      If you get the chance, definitely stay in Ayampe for at least a few weeks and let it soak in.

      — Sean

    • Testimonial Jared


      — Canada —

      I have traveled in several different countries around the world, stayed in countless different places and to date La Casa is one my favorite places to stay.

      Ayampe is a great place to surf, relax, and make new friends, and La Casa is a great place to stay for longer term guests who want to escape to Ayampe for a taste of the good life.

      — Jared


      • La Casa
        long-term hostel

        Long-term beachfront living in Ayampe, Ecuadorfrom $150 / weekLa Casa — Long-term beachfront living in Ayampe, Ecuador
      • José Barba and Arian Nabavian

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      La Casa — Long-term beachfront living in Ayampe, Ecuador


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      • Ayampe


        La Casa is situated right on the beach of the small coastal town of Ayampe.

        Travelers from all over the world come to Ayampe to cultivate a community of peace, happiness, and mutual respect.

      How to get to La Casa

      Arriving in Ecuador

      The nearest international airport is in Guayaquil. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to Ayampe.

      from Guayaquil

      Take a bus either to Olon or Montanita. It is the CLP bus company (large brown/maroon buses) direct from the Guayaquil Bus Terminal.

      from Montañita / Olon

      Take a green Manglaralto bus heading north. Ask the bus to stop at Ayampe. Ayampe is approximately 25 minutes away. Taxis from Montanita or Olon are around $15.

      from Quito

      Take the Reina Del Camino Bus directly to Puerto Lopez.

      from Puerto Lopez

      Take a green Manglaralto bus heading south. Ask the bus to stop at Ayampe. Ayampe is approximately 15 minutes away. Taxis from Puerto Lopez are $5.

      Once in Ayampe

      The bus will let you off on the E15 by a small store. It is a five minute walk to La Casa from here. Walk straight towards the ocean. At the end of the road, La Casa is the large white three-story building directly on the corner.

      See you soon!

      La Casa — Long-term beachfront living in Ayampe, Ecuador