Organic & Sustainable Farm Tour

Join us on a local, organic, and sustainable farm tour where you can enjoy (literally) a taste of the jungle and the tropics, epic views of the Pacific Ocean, and harvest your own fruits and veggies!


Ubuntu is located in Las Tunas, Ecuador (less than 5 minutes from La Casa long-term Hostel. It’s unique location includes the lush mountains of Baja Manabi with some of the most incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. Ubuntu is an organic and sustainable farm that use agroecology to grow a variety of different plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables.

What is Agroecology?

Agroecology is farming that “centers on food production that makes the best use of nature’s goods and services while not damaging these resources.” In easier terms, it is an ecological approach to agriculture.

Tour Highlights

This tour will cover the farm’s history and mission, a behind-the-scenes look at how the crops are grown (with an emphasis on seasonality), the different composting techniques used, techniques on how to improve and maintain nutrient-rich soil, how to harvest certain crops, and learn how sustainable farming and agroecology can be used to produce an abundant and diverse organic farm. In addition, based on the various rotating crops in season, you will be able to harvest any fruits and vegetables that are available at the time.

What Sort of Crops Are Grown?

Ubuntu is young farm that grows a mix of different crops. Below is a list of crops you will most likely be able to harvest on your tour:
• Fruit & Veggies: Papaya (local and Hawaiian), Banana (yellow and red), Chirimoya, Starfruit, Snake Fruit, Limes, Eggplant
• Starches: Plantains, Yuca
• Herbs & Spices: Lemongrass, Turmeric, Scotch Bonnet Hot Peppers, Jamaica Flowers

Book a Tour

Our organic farm tour includes transportation, tour of the farm, and crop harvesting, which means you will get to bring home a variety of organic fruits and veggies! This tour is exclusively for La Casa guests, so click here for more information about staying in our beachfront hostel and mention “farm tour” in your booking request.


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    La Casa is situated right on the beach of the small coastal town of Ayampe.

    Travelers from all over the world come to Ayampe to cultivate a community of peace, happiness, and mutual respect.

How to get to La Casa

Arriving in Ecuador

The nearest international airport is in Guayaquil. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to Ayampe.

from Guayaquil

Take a bus either to Olon or Montanita. It is the CLP bus company (large brown/maroon buses) direct from the Guayaquil Bus Terminal.

from Montañita / Olon

Take a green Manglaralto bus heading north. Ask the bus to stop at Ayampe. Ayampe is approximately 25 minutes away. Taxis from Montanita or Olon are around $15.

from Quito

Take the Reina Del Camino Bus directly to Puerto Lopez.

from Puerto Lopez

Take a green Manglaralto bus heading south. Ask the bus to stop at Ayampe. Ayampe is approximately 15 minutes away. Taxis from Puerto Lopez are $5.

Once in Ayampe

The bus will let you off on the E15 by a small store. It is a five minute walk to La Casa from here. Walk straight towards the ocean. At the end of the road, La Casa is the large white three-story building directly on the corner.

See you soon!

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